BauTek Kossel Mini 3D Printer Build Log

Current Status: Project Complete!

The BauTek Kossel was complete early last year and has been running like a champ. A wrap-up video should be coming soon as will links to all the custom parts I put together to improve the original design (mainly the plate mounts, filament feeding and part cooling systems.)

Last Update: Build Log Entry #4 –¬†Linear Rails

Budget Status ($350 goal): $185 spent

Here we prepare our linear rails for installation.

We tackle the delicate task of building the graphite push rods.

With fresh extrusion in hand we prepare the 3D printed frame bits, mount the motors then build the frame.

The Misumi aluminum extrusion has been measured, cut and filed. With that out of the way we can move onto preparing the plastics and building the frame.


  • Kossel RepRap Wiki | URL
  • Misumi KHFS3-1515 Product Page | URL
  • Think3DPrint3D Kossel Build Guide | URL
  • (supplied a ton of parts like the graphite rods and extrusion hardware) | URL
  • MGN12-400mm, MGN12H block linear rail set | URL
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