Mech Simulator 2000

March of last year marked the completion of the original BauTek Mech Simulator, the 1000 series. After a few months of hard use many weaknesses were identified and I schemed to build a more robust layout that would give the user more control and make it easier to use it for non-gaming functions like getting Pump-Dragoned while working from home.

Over the 2014 holiday I finally had some time to start making modifications and now it’s back up and running better than ever. Check out the video for an overview of the modifications!


List Of Upgrades and Modifications

  • New center column constructed, now holds the computer and control switches
  • Left joystick platform added where the keyboard was originally located
  • Two USB hubs added, one on the center column, the other under the left joystick
  • 1/2″ MDF platform struts replaced with aluminum struts and 1/8″ aluminum angle brackets
  • Sweet missile-command-style power switch
  • Joysticks and other controllers mounted with 3M Dual Lock for easy swapping
  • 12v fan added for cooling, switched up top independently of main system power
  • Revised controller code that has much lower input lag and better profile handling

Mech Simulator 2000 Main Components

  • 1/2″ MDF for control base, center column and joystick mounting structures
  • 1 x 1 aluminum tube and 1/8″ aluminum L-bracket for control base to bike support struts
  • 2x 4-port USB hubs
  • USB keyboard that still works with a PS/2 adapter (for the Dos 6.22/Win 98 retro rig)
  • 5v Arduino (an old Really Bare Bones kit in my build)
  • 2x 74HC595 8-bit shift register: DATASHEET | ARDUINO REFERENCE | BILDR.ORG REFERENCE
  • 4x CD4016 quad bilateral switch: DATASHEET
  • 16 x 2 LCD
  • 2x buttons
  • Tray motor and PCB extracted from an old CDROM drive
  • 2x Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joysticks
  • Pinnacle Game Profiler (makes remapping a snap when dealing with DOSBOX or games that are lame and only support XINPUT for joysticks)

Mech Simulator 2000 Downloads

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