NES Advantage Rebuild

Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness of the NES Advantage? Originally released in 1987 it remained the top dog of NES controllers for years to come and cemented its place in pop culture history when the Ghostbusters used a modified one to control the Statue of Liberty in Ghostbuster II. When I started re-building my childhood game library I knew I had to own one and managed to snap up a couple on the cheap.

Both Advantages have served me well over the years, at least until recently when my daughter (three years of age) managed to snap the joystick off one, thus earning her name as “The Destoyer.” At this point I figured I had two options: build a Ghostbusters II replica or rebuild… make it better, stronger, faster. I opted for the latter since this Advantage had some gnarly battle damage and deserved to be returned to fighting shape.

Of course, while we’re in there I figured we might as well modify it a bit and replace the membrane buttons with sweet micro switches and the busted direction control with an upgraded joystick. Check out the video and see how it went!

advantage-top01 advantage-pcb-back advantage-pcb-front advantage-pcb-lamp

List of Modifications

  • Cherry Blue MX switches for A and B buttons
  • Sanwa-style ball top joystick

Parts List

  • NES Advantage
  • 8-way ball top joystick
  • 2x Cherry Blue MX switches
  • 1/2″ MDF for base plate extension
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