RetroPie – How to Scrape ROM Information

Scraping your ROM collection will add box art, game synopsis and rating information to your EmulationStation menus. This process will require an Internet connection and will take a couple hours to process a large ROM collection.

From your booted RetroPie:

  1. Press Start on your controller, select Quit then Quit EmulationStation
  2. Input on keyboard, then press enter: cd RetroPie-Setup
  3. Input on keyboard, then press enter: sudo ./
  4. Select Configuration / tools
  5. Select scraper
  6. Select Update scraper to the latest version
  7. Once the update completes, select Scrape all systems or  Scrape chosen systems if you want to update individual ROM sets.
  8. Exit the Retropie Setup when the scraping is complete.
  9. Input on the keyboard, then press enter: emulationstation

That’s it! Every time you update a ROM set or add a new system you’ll need to run the scraper again to add the game information.

The scraper isn’t perfect, you will run across games with missing or incorrect information. When this happens you can press the Select button on your controller and select Edit Metadata.

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